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In the area of Tax and Estate Planning services we refer our clients to some of the most knowledgeable and well-respected tax accountants in the country. Our tax consultants have extensive experience in the filing requirements for professional athletes. They are all Board Certified Public Accountants and have a thorough understanding of the complex tax rules and regulations that have helped save our clients thousands of dollars.

Superior service and responsiveness are two of the main reasons Sims Sports Management selected our consultants to provide expert tax and estate planning services to our clients, including:

o Tax advice and consultation
o Preparation of Federal, State and Local tax returns
o Personal Financial Planning
o Estate and Retirement Planning
o Assistance in the tax aspects of the negotiation and structure of contracts

Your tax planning today can have a significant effect on your disposable income long after your football career is over. Therefore, implementing and overseeing a sound tax strategy is one of our top priorities.