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In order to achieve maximum results at the combine, pre-draft workouts and on the playing field, it is essential that a professional athlete be in peak physical condition. To ensure that our clients are prepared and in top physical shape for the combine, their personal workouts for teams, and the season, Sims Sports Management utilizes the services of some of the most renowned, respected and knowledgeable performance enhancement specialists in the country.

Combine training is different than season training. Combine training is event specific, The combine measures an athlete’s athletic ability in six different events plus several position specific drills. Sims Sports Management puts a great deal of time and energy into making sure our clients are prepared mentally as well as physically for the combine and their personal workouts for teams.

When an athlete only has a couple of months to prepare for an event like the combine, the emphasis should be on the development of core strength, fast twitch muscle fiber and speed. Most athletes evolve from strength and conditioning programs that put the sole emphasis on size and strength, two necessary components for professional sports. The problem is that bigger and stronger does not equate to a faster player. Most athletes will literally stack muscle without properly preparing the lower level fiber for sport. As a result, athletes lose athleticism as they gain size.

Our unique and proven training method is comprised of four components.

1. Speed Training.
2. Stripping of unnecessary muscle fiber with training and proper nutrition.
3. Explosive conditioning as a weight training replacement.
4. Water training for technique and core strength development.

An example of one of our clients that benefited greatly from our combine preparation program is Deltha O’Neal who prior to the combine was projected to be drafted in the 2nd- 3rd rounds because his 40 time was only in the 4.5 – 4.6 range. By taking advantage of our recommended training program, Deltha twice clocked 40 times in the mid 4.3 ranges and went on to become the 1st cornerback selected in the 2000 NFL Draft as the 15th pick in the 1st round.

When it comes to combine training the emphasis should be on athleticism. Our success in preparing our clients for the combine and their pre-draft workouts has been proven by their outstanding workout results and overall selection the draft.