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James A. Sims Jr., the founder of Sims Sports Management, is a highly respected attorney in the sports representation industry, with extensive experience in all phases of the negotiation and athlete representation process.

If you think this business doesn’t require the services of a skilled and experienced sports attorney, think again. Over 75% of the services your sports representative provides for you are legal in nature. Also, when you consider the fact that a league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, which virtually governs a professional athletes career, is in essence a legal document- as it is negotiated, drafted and written by lawyers- you can understand the necessity of having a highly skilled and experienced sports attorney like James Sims, providing you with all the requisite legal counseling and advice for your personal and business matters.

Since 1988 Sims Sports Management has represented numerous pro bowlers, first, second, middle to late round draft choices, and free agents. To name a few, these players have included the likes of Jamal Anderson, Takeo Spikes, Eugene Wilson, Tully Banta-Cain, Deltha O’Neal, Leonard Renfro, Anthony Cook, Robert Blackmon, Rob Burnett, La’Roi Glover, Johnny Johnson, and Andre Rison.

In 1993, Sims Sports Management treaded uncharted waters by pioneering the negotiation process for Rookies under the 1993 NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement. James Sims was the first NFL sports attorney/agent to negotiate a multi- million dollar contract for a 1st round draft pick under the constraints of the new NFL Rookie Salary Pool. Unlike most agents who rely on higher draft picks to determine their client’s value, we are proven leaders in determining the value for our clients in this age of the salary cap.

At Sims Sports Management we are committed to ensuring that our clients are fairly rewarded for their services. In 1994, James Sims negotiated a 2-year $5 million contract extension for our client Johnny Johnson with the Jets, which included a $2 million signing bonus and made Johnny, a former 7th round pick, one of the highest paid running backs in the NFL.

James Sims once again lead the way under the salary cap system when in 1995 he negotiated a 4-year $15 million contract extension for our client Rob Burnett, which included signing and roster bonuses in excess of $7 million and made Rob one of the highest paid defensive ends in the NFL.

In 1996, James Sims continued the commitment of Sims Sports Management to reward our middle to late round clients with top dollar deals by negotiating an $11 million contract with the Giants for safety Sam Garnes, a new $16 million deal for with the Ravens for Rob Burnett, and a multi-million dollar extension for Jamal Anderson, which was loaded with incentives and escalators, and proved instrumental to Jamal later becoming the richest running back in NFL history.

Sims Sports Management’s success of rewarding clients with outstanding contracts continued with James Sims negotiating a $21 million contract extension with the New Orleans Saints for DT La’Roi Glover, a former 5th round pick, previously cut by the Oakland Raiders, making him one of the highest paid defensive linemen in the NFL and the blockbuster $32 million contract James Sims negotiated for Jamal Anderson with the Atlanta Falcons which made Jamal the highest paid running back in NFL History.

As you can see, Sims Sports Management has a long, proven, experienced, and successful tradition of negotiating top dollar contracts for our clients. We will continue that tradition with the outstanding contract we negotiate for you!

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