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Understanding that a professional athlete could face a career span that lasts an average of five years or less, Sims Sports Management makes available a specialized Career Counseling Program that expands the athlete’s focus from success on the playing field to active preparation for a career after sports.

To implement the program, we have retained a team of experts from the nation’s most successful and prestigious career planning organizations for our athletes. Our clients have the opportunity to work with career consultants who specialize in working with active players to create an individualized career plan. The plan includes the following three components:

Personal Profile
The counseling staff will identify the individual’s aptitudes, interests, and goals, and then determine those careers that are best suited to that individual’s profile.

Career Development
While the athlete is still active in pro sports, the career counselors will design a personalized Career Plan, which maps out a strategy to meet future career goals. This plan may recommend a college degree completion program, seminars or work shops, resume and job interview preparation, off-season internships as well as other options for the athlete to gain business/career experience.

Career Placement
Sims Sports Management is committed to working with the athlete to identify all post sports career options. For the athlete who is ready to seek meaningful employment after the playing days are over, our career counselors will identify potential employers, set up job interviews and serve as the liaison between the athlete an the hiring company.

At Sims Sports Management, we recognize that when the cheering stops, life goes on; the transition should be exciting and well planned. Our concern for the athlete as a person has led us to offer what we believe is the finest career counseling program available for athletes.